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Financial IT interviews Ben Wood of Otkritie

On April 17, 2013, during the Trade Tech conference in London, Financial IT held a number of interviews with the leading technology providers in the financial industry. In this video Financial IT interviews Ben Wood, Head of International DMA at Otkritie Securities Ltd, about direct market access solutions for Russian marketplace and the role of Otkritie as well as general trends in the financial technology sector.

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The New Credit Crisis: How Credit Risk Analytics Professionals are Managing Critical Changes to their Business


It has been six long years since the Financial Crisis and it is only now that significant changes are being made by the credit risk community. However, uncertainty continues to loom over the industry as regulatory expectations shift and analytics capabilities evolve.

In an exclusive interview conducted by FC Business Intelligence, Citigroup, Suntrust Bank and Kabbage talk credit risk analytics in this 14 page white paper.

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