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The New Credit Crisis: How Credit Risk Analytics Professionals are Managing Critical Changes to their Business


It has been six long years since the Financial Crisis and it is only now that significant changes are being made by the credit risk community. However, uncertainty continues to loom over the industry as regulatory expectations shift and analytics capabilities evolve.

In an exclusive interview conducted by FC Business Intelligence, Citigroup, Suntrust Bank and Kabbage talk credit risk analytics in this 14 page white paper.

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Corporate Financial Risk Management: Managing Interest Rate Expense Flows at Risk

Published in White Papers on Dec 06, 2011

In the corporate financial risk management world, there are certain best practice approaches that should be considered when it comes to managing exposures to different risks. The scope of this paper will define a step by step approach on how best to manage interest rate risk in the post-Global Financial Crisis market environment. These steps should to be taken to best control interest rate risk exposure, including evaluating, quantifying, and managing risk subject to uncertain market conditions.

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Mako Networks Guards SMEs Against Internet Threats

Published in Version Control on Nov 30, 2011

Today knowing how to protect your business from the frequent attacks of payment fraudsters and cybercriminals is vital. The losses SMEs incur due to breaches in security provide a profitable income for modern cybercriminals, who buy and sell the information and equipment needed to perpetrate card fraud. Cybercrime has become an incredibly lucrative global business, generating more than $100billion annually worldwide. SMEs that process, store or transmit credit card data are required to strengthen their network and payment security systems by using reliable holistic solutions that meet the mandatory Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

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"Unifying a Fragmented Market Operational efficiency and securities trading in the European Union" By Alex Walker, Senior Vice President Post Trade for Securities, SunGard Global Trading

Published in White Papers on Nov 30, 2011

Europe’s multi-venue environment is placing considerable pressure on trading firms’ middle- and back-offices. Automation provides the key to meeting increasingly sophisticated client demands while keeping control of costs.

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The Future of Banking /Get the balance right

Published in White Papers on Nov 25, 2011

At a time of extreme economic and financial volatility, senior executives in banks are increasingly focusing their attention on cost-income ratios to improve profitability and send a clear message about their overall performance and long-term stability.

This Misys white paper acknowledges that cost-cutting is inevitably part of this process. However, if it has a detrimental impact on customer relationships and
retention rates, this may be a more expensive burden if it alienates clients and restricts opportunities for growth.

A bad customer experience is also highly damaging at a time when both private individuals and corporates are wise to the opportunities offered by social media to share their views with other advocates including the media, regulatory authorities and consumer protection groups.Furthermore, we argue that although the economic crisis has resulted in a more cautious approach to financial innovation, there is a clear window of opportunity for banks that migrate or evolve legacy core banking systems to deliver a new generation of services that take advantage of the latest web, mobile and social media technologies.

Such opportunities exist both in traditional retail banking for private individuals and corporates’ core and transaction banking. In addition, such services help sustain long-term relationships with existing customers as well as attracting new business.

Finally, we give examples of platform and product/service innovations that are already helping banks to exercise control over costs, add value to customer services and so improve cost-income ratios.

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Chelsea Technologies Provides Best-In-Class Alternative Investments’ Solutions

Published in Version Control on Nov 21, 2011

In our new Verison Control ,Mr. Ben-Reuven,the founder and current President of Chelsea Technologies, speaks to RFPConnect Editorial Team about the next innovations that will be incorporated to the various solutions that Chelsea Technologies offers its clients to make them more organized, resilient and cost effective.

Founded in 1990, Private Limited Liability Corporation, Chelsea Technologies has provided first-class IT design, implementation, hosting and support services to the global financial community. With a client base that ranges from start-up fund managers to the world’s tier-one firms, Chelsea Technologies’ primary objective is to deliver first class business solutions that ensure clients achieve and maintain a competitive edge. Chelsea Technologies brings more than 20 years’ experience in fulfilling the business IT needs of the finance sector.

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Transforming Business Through Judicious Application of IT

Published in White Papers on Nov 12, 2011

Tata Power, India’s largest private power utility was looking to automate its power generation billing. Moving from a spreadsheet and people dependent process to a SAP platform was not easy. CIO Ujjal Kumar Ghatak along with TCS developed an innovative solution using standard SAP IS-U modules. This is how they did it.

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How BTM Helped Moneris Solutions Improve Customer Service Reliability

Published in White Papers on Nov 10, 2011

Present Case Study released by INETCO Company uncovers the best way how INETCO Insight’s BTM software has helped Moneris Solutions to:
-Continuously monitor the performance of payment applications within over 350,000 merchant locations;
- Gain end-to-end visibility to reduce downtime and ensure every transaction is completed in a timely fashion;
- Improve operational efficiency by speeding up the isolation of root-cause issues that result in transaction slow-downs or failures.

The final results of BTM impact overcame Kin Lee-Yow ‘s expectations significantly.

Afterwards, Mr.Lee-Yow, General Manager, Gateway Services at Moneris Solutions commented : “With INETCO Insight, Moneris Solutions had gained the real-time visibility and historical transaction intelligence needed to deliver the best customer service possible to our growing merchant base. It is the only tool out there that brings real-time network, application and transaction intelligence together into one location. Sharing this tool with our service partner, the Royal Bank of Canada, has greatly expedited problem resolution and provided a way for us to work together and analyze the performance of every payment transaction.”

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Improving Document Capture and Processing With Minimal IT Impact

Published in White Papers on Nov 09, 2011

Pitney Bowes Management Services released a white paper that provides insight on improving document capture and processing to better manage the growing volume and types of inbound hard copy communications and warns of the risks associated with implementing an ad-hoc system in-house with limited IT resources.

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Keeping Your Foot On The Outsourcing Control Pedal

Published in White Papers on Nov 08, 2011

Rigorous oversight is essential for financial institutions as regulators worldwide continue to scrutinise how outsourced relationships are operated. And with no let up from investors either, the pressure for transparency and control is being felt by financial institutions on all fronts.

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The Buy Vs Build Dilemma: Evaluating the opportunities And Risks

Published in White Papers on Nov 07, 2011

The financial service industry has changed significantly over the last decade. Following the demise of Lehman and the implosion of AIG, the pace of change has increased dramatically. This rapidly changing environment requires significant investments in technology. Financial service firms are expected to spend over US$390 billion on information technology by 2012. Technology can be expensive, but if executed well, can become a key competitive advantage. A firm’s technology must be capable of tackling today’s complex challenges while remaining flexible and scalable enough to keep up with future market innovation.

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