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The New Credit Crisis: How Credit Risk Analytics Professionals are Managing Critical Changes to their Business


It has been six long years since the Financial Crisis and it is only now that significant changes are being made by the credit risk community. However, uncertainty continues to loom over the industry as regulatory expectations shift and analytics capabilities evolve.

In an exclusive interview conducted by FC Business Intelligence, Citigroup, Suntrust Bank and Kabbage talk credit risk analytics in this 14 page white paper.

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Evaluating Mobile Phone Recording Architecture

Published in White Papers on Oct 31, 2011

The first step in accurately assessing the effectiveness of a technology solution is to
understand its underlying operating architecture. Feature sets and deployment options are important. But invariably it is the system’s design foundations that shape its capability – none more so than in the case of mobile voice recording. This paper aims to address the knowledge gap by helping system evaluators understand the different solution architectures that are offered by today’s mobile recording solutions – and make better, more informed choices as a result.

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Celoxica Holdings Plc.- Over Ten Years At The Forefront Of Advanced Computing Technologies

Published in Version Control on Oct 25, 2011

The massive increase in program and algorithmic trading has driven the need for low latency architectures to increase the chance of beating competitors by being first to respond to changing market conditions. Following this principle, Celoxica Inc. offers the fastest, most deterministic trading & market data solutions with the lowest footprint, and at the right price for its customers, who believe that speed matters and that every microsecond counts.

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Comparison of ITTIA DB and SQLite

Published in White Papers on Oct 18, 2011

ITTIA DB SQL is a software library to manage data stored in embedded applications and devices. Designed to be hidden from the end-user, ITTIA DB SQL links into the application or firmware as self-contained software libraries with no requirements for a dedicated database administrator. ITTIA DB SQL is a robust, scalable, and cross platform device database.

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ARQA TECHNOLOGIES, A Leader Among Russian DMA System Providers

Published in Version Control on Oct 10, 2011

The latest Version Control is dedicated to ARQA Technologies, the Company which is called industrial strength and offer the cutting-edge software products together with comprehensive customer services.

Being one of pioneers of Russian Internet Trading Tools Market, ARQA Technologies Company develops programming solutions for automation of the brokerage business based on the customer’s needs. The company has been creating and developing comprehensive solutions and technologies for banks, asset management and investment companies, automating their operations in financial markets.

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How IT Leaders and Their Teams Can Drive Greater Business Value – Starting Today!

Published in White Papers on Oct 04, 2011

The WhitePaper, issued by Michael Dortch,arises and gives answer on significant question “How can IT Leaders and Their Teams maximize the business value of every dollar spent by the company on its employees,teams and the technologies they support?”.

Answers to this question are arguably more critical than any technology-centric challenges IT leaders and their businesses may face. This is especially true given the state of IT spending and how IT and its stewards are often perceived today.

Businesses are investing in technologies, but only in those that deliver tangible business value. But spending on business technologies is growing apace,
according to all credible publicly available data. This means that technology spending is increasingly driven by
business people and business needs and goals, placing IT in literally a supporting role.
Moreover, IT leaders and teams spend most of what budgets they do control on simply keeping the
technologies in place working and interoperating. Recent figures from market watchers Gartner and cited by
numerous IT vendors say that maintenance consumes as much as 91 cents of every IT budget dollar. That
leaves nine cents on the dollar for innovation.
In short, IT is under increasing pressure to deploy and support technologies that deliver clear and measurable
business value while spending as little and saving as much as possible. And without finding and exploiting
opportunities to showcase and grow that business value, IT risks continuation and extension of its perception as
a hinderance, not a contributor to business success and innovation.

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Empaxis Data Management - New Bright Solution In Administering Back Office Operations

Published in Version Control on Sep 28, 2011

This Version Control uncovers the story of Empaxis Company’s Success ,its high-caliber, customized operational services and supporting system for asset managers and prime brokerage firms running Advent applications. Moreover the Paper informs readers about latest industry news and events on the edge.

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Agents vs Agentless: Extending the Debate from Application Performance Management (APM) to Business Transaction Management (BTM) Solutions

Published in White Papers on Sep 28, 2011

This whitepaper was written to help IT operations and
application support teams find clarity on:

• The differences between agent and agentless
application monitoring systems
• The pros and cons associated with these various
data gathering techniques and how they relate to
your desired monitoring scope
• The emergence of business transaction
management (BTM) and how it extends traditional
application performance management capabilities
• How agentless BTM extends monitoring boundaries
and simplifies the management of applications
located in distributed enterprise environments

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Five myths of cloud computing

Published in White Papers on Sep 22, 2011

This white paper separates fact from fiction, reality from myth, and, in doing so, will aide senior IT executives as they make decisions around cloud
computing. While dispelling cloud computing myths, we will answer tough questions: How hard is it to adopt a private or hybrid cloud? How difficult is it to maintain and secure a cloud? How will the cloud transform my business? Do I have the right skill sets in place? What are some of my cost considerations? HP is committing extensive resources to helping customers with all of their questions and concerns around cloud computing.

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Cash Caches – How Risk Free Are They Really?

Published in White Papers on Sep 22, 2011

Corporations held a record $2.05 trillion in cash at mid-year 2011. This is in part a response to liquidity worries during the financial crisis, which caused companies to build war chests, and in part due to a lack of prudent utilization opportunities. This unprecedented amount of cash on corporate balance sheets needs to be managed carefully to ensure it’s available and accessible when it’s needed.

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Instrument Valuation Management

Published in White Papers on Sep 21, 2011

Instrument valuation is a popular topic at the moment in financial markets. Given its fundamental importance to investment, trading and risk management decisions this should come as no surprise to anyone. Certainly not the primary cause of the recent financial crisis, but the lack of trustworthy valuations of many complex securities was a significant contributory factor to the nervousness of the markets and the liquidity squeeze that ensued.

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